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Derelict vehicle means any vehicle which is without current registration, without current license tag, or which is one or more of the following: wrecked, dismantled, partially dismantled, or inoperative. Refer to Code Section 12.32(B) for additional derelict or vehicle storage restrictions.

Parking on Yards and Driveways
All vehicles including motorcycles, trailers, boats, and family cars, etc. must be parked on hard or impenetrable surfaces. Those vehicles parked on yards, grass, or dirt are in violation of Code Section 12-28(A). Newly constructed driveways must be constructed with asphalt or concrete. Existing gravel driveways must be maintained with no grass growing through.

Outside Storage, Grass, and Weeds

  • Appliances, building material, furniture, or other outside storage may not be stored on yards, porches, or patios. Such storage must be housed indoors or in a garage or shed.
  • Trash, litter, debris, dead trees, excessive leaves, and other unsightly materials may not accumulate at front, side or rear yards. Owners and/or residents must keep premises free of such debris.
  • Grass or weeds in the front, side or rear yard must not exceed six inches.

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