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April 2018 Fire Hydrant Testing
Fire Hydrant Inspections

April Fire Hydrant Testing

Inspections will be conducted Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. During this time, if water discoloration is observed at the tap, please let the faucet run for a brief period until water is clear.

Should you notice fire personnel checking hydrants in you area, be assured our intentions are not to waste water or destroy property; we are working to insure your safety.

Fire hydrant inspections take place twice annually in April and October.

College Park Fire Rescue conducts inspections to assure the hydrants we depend upon for fire suppression are operational, provide adequate water flow, and maintain adequate system pressure.

April testing includes a full flow test, which sometimes requires the flowing of large amounts of water, as well as, the documentation of static and residual pressure readings. This test also includes general inspection.

October testings also includes general inspections and documentation of static pressure readings.

During testing periods the area around hydrants are also inspected to be sure they are clear of obstructions (debris, shrubbery, fences) which could hinder access should the hydrant be needed. In order for ease of operation and clear visibility there should be at least 36' of free space around hydrants.

Should there be any need for repairs noted during these inspections, requests will be immediately submitted to the Water Department.

The Insurance Services Office, ISO, requires hydrant testing. However these tests also have many benefits for fire personnel. The Fire Department gains firsthand knowledge of where hydrants are located and assure visibility from the road; in addition to being able to confirm they are maintained on a regular basis and are operational as a "first water" source.

The testing protocol followed by College Park Fire Rescue personnel is based upon the standards of the National Fire Protection Association, NFPA, and the American Water Works Association Manual M-17.

Should you see a fire hydrant in need of repair, please call 404.766.8248. 

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