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Guidelines for Filming in College Park

Film, Television, Video & Music Production Permit Application Guidelines

The Film Permit is issued by the Camera Ready Film Liaison in the City of College Park Economic Development Office at College Park City Hall, located at 3667 Main Street, College Park GA, 30337. The application may be downloaded here, or by clicking the clapboard link above.  Please complete the fillable form and email to: Artie Jones,III. - Director of Economic Development ()

1. Please notify your Camera Ready Liaison that you will be in the community scouting locations for a film, television, video or music  production project. College Park Economic Development is your first resource for all aspects of production in our community.        
        From this office you will receive any and all information regarding production of your project in the City of College Park including 
        assistance with site location and property owners, expedited permitting, local vendors with film industry experience, conflict 
        resolution, etc. 

2.     Submit the completed PFV application, which must be completed by the Producer or the Producer’s authorized agent,
       to the Camera
Ready Liaison at 3667 Main St, College Park City Hall building at least ten (10) days prior to the start
       of filming. If a street closure will be
required as part of the filming, please submit the completed PFV application a
       minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the start of filming.
However, to avoid delays, it may be in your best interest to
       submit your application prior to the above-stated deadlines as the appeal
process, should the application be deficient or
       denied, can take up to 30 days. Applications may be denied for various reasons including
unreasonable risk posed by
       the proposed filming, if the Producer owes an outstanding debt to the City of College Park, if the requested
       location is unavailable, or for other reasons set forth in Section 11-436 of The Code of Ordinances, City of College Park,
(Rush permits may be available at an additional fee.) Please include maps, drawings and site plans showing
       location(s) with layout of all
vehicles, sets, road access points, ITC requirements, etc. on both public and private
       property. Please include all times, dates, locations
and all activities within the scope of the project and any other
       information required on the application.

3. The College Park Police Department and College Park Fire Rescue will be notified by the Camera Ready Liaison of the presence of all film and/or television industry projects working in the community whether City services are needed or not. If roads are to be blocked or traffic disrupted in any manner, the College Park Police Department will handle applications for all street closures. Police officers may be required to be on set and must be scheduled at a minimum of four hours per day (minimum notice of 24 hours’ required). 

4. No film activity which involves the use of explosives, pyrotechnics, fire, smoke-making machines or other special effects may be undertaken unless specifically approved in writing by the College Park Fire Rescue and/or Fire Marshal. An official certificate will be issued. 

5. Upon approval of the application, the Production Company or representative must provide a current liability certificate of insurance naming the City of College Park as an additional insured. An insurance policy rider may be required for general liability and worker’s compensation. 

6. Upon receipt of approved application, the Production Company or an authorized agent thereof will notify in writing all businesses and residential property owners within a three (3) block radius and the Council member representing the district of scheduled filming. Compensation may be necessary if business and home environments are greatly disrupted. 

7. Upon completion of project and work, all materials and debris shall be entirely removed and the right-of-way left in a condition satisfactory to the City’s Director of Public Works. Any costs for additional clean-up by the City will be charged to the Production Company and/or application holder and the Production Company’s sanitation bond may be forfeited. 

8. First Responder and emergency vehicle access shall be maintained at all times. EMS personnel are required on-site for productions with stunts of any kind being performed. 

9. The College Park Fire Rescue Fire Marshal shall have access to any film production site or facility to ensure safety for cast and crew members, visitors, private citizens, surrounding properties, et al. 

10. In order to ensure that your project is successful in our community, keep your Camera Ready Liaison informed in real time of any and all revisions to the original production schedule. 

Artie Jones, III, MPA
Economic Development Director
City of College Park
3667 Main Street
College Park, Georgia 30337
(404) 669-3764 Office (404) 305-2057 Fax  

The above information is given for informational purposes and does not include or outline all aspects of our local rules. Filming Permit issues are governed by Article XXVI of Chapter 11 of The Code of Ordinances, City of College Park, Georgia. A copy of the ordinance may be viewed at the Economic Development Office at 3667 Main Street, College Park GA, 30337.

College Park City Hall
3667 Main St.
College Park, GA 30337
Phone: (404) 767-1537