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College Park Fire Rescue - ISO Rating is 2; among the highest in the state of Georgia!
New Fire Truck Dedication 6 09 014_thumb.jpg

College Park Fire Rescue Chief Wade Elmore announced an improvement to the city’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) to Class 2, placing College Park among the elite fire operations across the state of Georgia. The new designation has the potential to lower fire insurance premiums for residential and commercial properties in the city. The new rating became official April 1, 2015. 

”This is great news to receive this score,” said College Park Fire Rescue Chief Wade Elmore. “This would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of our fire department, water department and 911 operators. It was a concerted effort to receive this improved rating.” 

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) rates nearly 50,000 cities and communities nationwide. In Georgia, there are 1,020 fire departments, and College Park is one of only 30 operations designated as Class 2. Only 4 communities in Georgia earned the ISO’s highest rating – Class 1. They are Atlanta, Gainesville, Macon and Savannah. 

”College Park is so fortunate and proud to have the level of expertise from our employees to make this higher rating a reality,” said College Park Mayor Jack P. Longino. 

The ISO takes a wide-range of city departments into consideration when finalizing its ratings. Infrastructure considerations, including water pressure to hydrants, and proper hydrant functions are included in the summary score.

“It goes to show that we take every job in this city seriously,”
Mayor Longino added. 

College Park’s upgrade was based on the following factors: 

-the City’s ability to receive and respond to fire alarms 

-the fire department’s staffing, first-alarm response and initial attack capabilities 

-911 emergency communications 

-the City’s water supply system, including flow-testing of hydrants, alternative water supply 

”It’s great to receive this score; something we’ve been striving for since we were last upgraded in 2008,” said Chief Elmore. We’re thankful for the support of the Mayor and Council, for without their guidance this newest accomplishment would not have been possible.” 

The ISO’s Public Protection Classification program assists with the underwriting process at insurance companies, including commercial and residential properties. 

Woodward Academy SADD Club sends a powerful message about the dangers of drinking and texting while driving.
College Park Fire Department prepares one of the victims of the mock accident for transport to a local hospital.
SADD Club students from Woodward Academy together with many other participants put together a very moving and real-to-life mock accident. This accident illustrated the very real dangers of drinking and driving as well as texting and driving and the real consequences of these actions.



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