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Posted on: February 7, 2017

College Park Police Outfitted With Body Worn Cameras

College Park, GA - The College Park Police department launched a new high-tech safety initiative with the purchase and installation of 100 RS2-X2L body cameras from U.K.-based Reveal Media, Ltd.  Police Chief Keith Meadows made the announcement during the February 6th meeting of the Mayor and Council.   


“The College Park Police Department embraces the idea of transparency and the use of Reveal Body Worn Cameras,” stated Meadows.  “It will go a long way in terms of building a sense of trust and legitimacy, and will help to protect not only our citizens but our police officers as well.”

Officers began using the body worn cameras in November of 2016.  “We’re pleased,” said College Park City Manager Terrence Moore.  “Because as a result of the technology being employed, city administration and its public safety staff can effectively advance additional efforts to not only keep our community safe, but to also  provide ancillary assurances for responsiveness.”

The RS2-X2L cameras feature 8 hours of battery, encrypted memory and are equipped with a front facing screen, a feature that Reveal Media touts as playing an active role in de-escalating confrontational situations.

Mike Turner, Reveal Media’s Vice President of Sales & Marketing says the company is committed to providing a positive solution for College Park.  “Reveal Media is pleased to join in partnership with the City of College Park Police Department to deliver and implement a world class body worn camera solution.”

The cameras have a simple one click record trigger, with 260 degree (horizontal) and 60 degree (vertical) viewpoints.  Once the cameras are returned to the baseplate, the video files, with encrypted usage logs, are automatically uploaded to secure cloud storage.    

College Park’s storage and disaster recovery solution is greatly enhanced by its relationship with College Park and Atlanta-based Virtual Citadel, which provides on-premise and cloud-based storage of all body worn camera files. 

Mike Oken, President and Chief Technology Officer for Virtual Citadel, says his company’s storage and disaster recovery solution, paired with the City’s public safety vision should lead to an expansion of the partnership.

“While the cost savings for body-worn camera programs are impressive, this partnership between College Park and Virtual Citadel is only the first step in achieving Chief Meadow’s forward-thinking approach to digital evidence storage and management in College Park,” said Oken.

Virtual Citadel, initially established as BroadRiver, Inc. created CJISSAFE, (patent pending technology) for College Park, which is a computerized operating system that safely stores and backs up body cam video, video & data from police cars, city surveillance systems, digital (evidence) data and 911 audio.  Storage capacity initially set at 120 terabytes, with unlimited future expansion.

 Alla Tsitsior, Director of IT Infrastructure with Virtual Citadel, says the CJISSAFE system solves three major issues law enforcement agencies face today with body-worn camera programs. “It reduces what might be considered a lengthy implementation and rollout, it reduces the prohibitive cost of storage and most importantly, it provides a central digital evidence storage and disaster recovery solution for all of the law enforcement agencies’ policing applications.” 

Virtual Citadel and Reveal, Inc. say their collaboration on the body worn camera project provides a solution for half the cost of other body worn solutions across the market.


“It is my opinion that our partnership with Virtual Citadel and Reveal Inc. propels the City of College Park to the forefront of this technologies use,” said Meadows  “Ultimately, these partnerships will create a platform for other data integration, with a progressive eye towards predictive analytics." 

Michael Hicks, College Park’s newly-hired Director of Information Technology, is in the process of upgrading College Park’s data storage.  He examined Virtual Citadel’s structure, and has since signed on to utilize the company’s storage for additional city-related documents.  Hicks lauded the connectivity and bandwith.

 “Our goal of upgrading our storage capability, as well as to promote security for several enterprise systems has come to fruition with our newly installed 10 gigabyte fiber backbone, connected to Virtual Citadel’s secure data center,” said Hicks. 

College Park began the soft launch of body worn cameras in November 2016, and as of February 1, has outfitted its entire staff.

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